Using UPVC for Your Home's Security

At Fortress UPVC, we don’t just install doors and windows; we craft gateways that provide peace of mind. For homeowners, understanding the UPVC security features could be the difference between vulnerability and an impenetrable barrier. The science behind UPVC’s acclaim as a stronghold is not mere marketing jargon but a blend of material physics and advanced engineering. UPVC is a thermoplastic polymer that, when installed in intricately designed frames, creates a unified system that is not only durable but also incredibly resistant to impact. This amalgamation of materials is the result of extensive research and development, ensuring that the end product is a defence against even the most sophisticated intrusion attempts.

UPVC’s Invisible Strength

The robustness of UPVC is not its sole strength, multi-point locking systems, anti-jimmy strips, and reinforced panels serve as invisible defences, fortifying every vulnerable point that might otherwise be exploited by those with ill-intent. These mechanisms work seamlessly within the UPVC structure to enhance security, turning any potential breach into a menace best avoided.

UPVC for home security in Eastleigh

Security is an evolving concept; what may seem impervious today might become a chink in the armour tomorrow. At Fortress UPVC, we constantly innovate, integrating the latest security for you, this where KUBU comes into play, the system monitors all your windows and doors and you can see on the app whether your windows are open, closed, locked, partially open including room location!

Also the system can alert you if a window is under attack ( vibration alert ) including location ie – Kitchen window


Our installation teams are not mere technicians of your home’s security, they ensure that every door, window, and frame is aligned with UPVC’s standards of excellence, leaving no room for error when it comes to your home’s security. A secure home operates like a well-oiled machine. Every component complements the other. External lighting, security cameras, and alarms, when synchronized with UPVC’s structural security, create an ecosystem that acts in unison to deter any trespasser. At Fortress UPVC, we don’t just sell doors and windows; we offer a security consultation that considers every angle, leaving no chink in your home’s armour.

Peace of Mind 

The price of security is indeed immeasurable, and with UPVC, it becomes an affordable luxury. The assurance that your home is fortified with state-of-the-art security measures isn’t just a sales pitch; it’s a real-world promise. After all, coming back to a secure home is not just about returning to a physical space—it’s returning to peace.